5 Offbeat Australian Adventures For 2016

03 October 2022

Australia is undisputedly an outdoor adventurer’s paradise. It’s a magical land rife with top notch surf beaches, world class diving sites, and Outback treks. But if you’re pledging to pursue more offbeat adventures in the new year, here are 5 fantastic travel experiences in Australia that are well off the beaten path and worthy of your attention:


Gorge Hopping at El Questro


It takes some serious effort to navigate through the rugged Kimberley region, but you’ll be handsomely rewarded if you do. For the ultimate adventure, rent a 4WD vehicle and and head out to El Questro Wilderness Park. This expansive savannah landscape in the far north of Australia looks like something straight out of Africa. Here you’ll have heaps of stunning gorges to hike to and swim at. Whatever you do, don’t miss a soak in Zebedee Hot Springs under a full moon!


Exploring the Mornington Peninsula


Often overlooked in favour of the Great Ocean Road and Yarra Valley for viable day and weekend trips from Melbourne, the Mornington Peninsula packs a serious punch, too. Just an hour drive from the city, the peninsula offers outdoor adventures aplenty: from hiking coastal tracks to wine tasting with ocean views to kayaking and paddle boarding off the white sand beaches. Best of all, after an adventure-packed day, you can go for a soak at the Peninsula Hot Springs and watch the sun go down over the peninsula from the top-most pool.



Hiking the Three Capes Track


The only reason why you probably haven’t heard much about the Three Capes Track is because it only just opened in December. But this new hiking trail in Tasmania is poised to make a killing in 2016. Unlike the renowned Overland Track, which runs entirely inland, the Three Capes Track hugs the southern Tasmanian coast and provides constant coastal cliff views. It also caters to a wider range of adventurers, not just fit and rugged outdoorspeople, with cabins equipped with mattresses, charging stations, and cooking facilities to make the 4 day trek a little more comfortable.



Crossing the Nullarbor


If you love roadtrips, making a pilgrimage across Australia’s southern desert should absolutely be on your Australia to-do list. Some call the Nullarbor the Nullarboring, but with some good tunes to blast or a good book to read (if you’re not the one driving), you can have plenty of fun while traversing the world’s longest straight stretch of road. The lengthy drive can be done in two days, but if you have the time it’s best enjoyed over at least three – that way you can stop off along the way. Consider detours to the Bunda Cliffs, the Eucla sand dunes, and Fowlers Bay (for whale watching), and don’t forget to stop at some of the kitschy roadhouses along the way.



Camping in the Whitsundays


Most people flock to the Whitsundays to go sailing – and rightfully so, ‘cause it’s an objectively phenomenal experience. If you’re planning a Whitsundays getaway, I implore you to allot a couple extra days to go camping while you’re there. Tent camping is actually allowed by permit on some of the Whitsunday islands and can be arranged by booking a boat transfer through Scamper. In addition to permits and transport, Scamper also provides you with a generous supply of water and offers all sorts of camping equipment for hire. Best of all, not many people know you can camp in the Whitsundays, so you might have an island all to yourself, Robinson Crusoe-style.



Written by | Lindsay Buckley – FrugalFrolicker.com

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