Adventures Are Good For Your Soul

03 October 2022


“It is only in adventure that some people succeed in knowing themselves – in finding themselves.”

-André Gide, French author and Nobel Prize-winner


These days, life is all about anti-bacterial body wash, automatic air fresheners and tubes of hand sanitiser. Well, here’s a good reason to venture beyond your freshly-polished living space and embark on an adventure: some studies have suggested that getting dirty can actually help to strengthen your immune system. It’s described as being like an athlete: in order for the immune system to become stronger, it needs training and practice by being exposed to dirt and germs.


There are plenty of options for exploring this big, wide world – walking, hiking, running, kayaking, cycling, snorkelling, canoeing, abseiling (to name just a few). Every single one of them allows you to get active and increase your fitness levels, thereby improving your overall sense of wellbeing. Tip-top health can increase energy, elevate concentration and improve sleep quality.


Stepping outside your comfort zone and embracing an adventure can raise your confidence levels – you’ll discover new ways of handling unpredictability, new methods of problem solving, and new depths to your own motivation, strength and resilience.

Encouraging yourself to disengage from technology for a few hours can help you re-connect with nature. Spending time in a tranquil location (separated from emails and texts and social media updates) can help to lower feelings of stress, tension and anxiety.

Life is all about creating memories. We don’t remember days – we remember moments. Collect as many exciting, daring, unexpected, breathtaking moments as you possibly can. Life is short – don’t hold back. It’s a big world, and adventure awaits.


“Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing.”

-Helen Keller


By Hannah Begg



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