Layer Up

03 October 2022

Keep cosy when you hit the trail!


There’s nothing more exhilarating than having a trail all to yourself in the middle of winter.  When your fingers go numb, your nose turns blue and you’re colder than a lemonade Icy Pole, that’s when the real fun begins!


Hmm. No-one really enjoys frostbite, right? To avoid the winter chills,  explore our range of top-quality apparel. It’s been designed for all-season adventurers – ‘cos hibernating is only for bears!



With breathable mesh fabric and flat-lock stitching to minimise irritation, the Men’s Geom Half-Zip long sleeve top is a must-have for winter warriors who don’t wait ’til summer returns to get outside.


The front half zip provides controllable ventilation, and the M-Select™ WICK technology actively removes moisture from the skin to ensure you stay cool and comfortable, even during exertion.


It’s perfect for a morning run, or an evening wander… or even just kickin’ back at the local pub. (Another popular winter activity. Schooner, anyone?)


Quilted perfection

The Women’s Inertia Quilted Jacket is a powerhouse of warmth and comfort. The insulated design is water-resistant and offers a stand-up collar to protect you from the wind.


And – get this – the whole thing transforms into a neck pillow when packed inside the stretch-panelled, interior lumbar pocket. (Amazing!) So you can stop and take a break if you’ve been hiking all day. Or, the next time you catch a flight, use it as a neck pillow; that will leave even more space in your suitcase.


The zip-up front pockets provide easy access and safe storage for valuabes (especially handy if you’re carrying a backpack), and the articulated elbows provide ease of mobility and added comfort. (There’s nothing more frustrating than a winter jacket that feels like a straight-jacket!)


In da hood

The Men’s Stacked Logo Hoodie will quickly become one of your winter favourites. Whether you’re navigating the city laneways or hiking through the wilderness, or even just chillin’ at home, this hoodie will keep you warm and fuzzy like a toasted marshmallow. (Sort of.) The fleece protects you from the wind, and the kangaroo pocket at the front is perfect for storing your stuff in. It also features M-Select™ REGULATE technology which reflects and regulates body heat while ensuring that you don’t overheat.


The best thing is that it’s casual enough to wear to your mate’s birthday gathering, too. (There’s always one person who insists on hauling out the bbq in the middle of winter, isn’t there? At least now, you won’t freeze while you’re cooking the sausages.)


Snuggle up

The Women’s Cambria Fleece Hoodie doesn’t just look good – it’s oh-so-snuggly, too. I bet you won’t want to take it off. (Seriously, try.) Featuring M-Select™ REGULATE technology, it keeps you warm while ensuring you don’t overheat by using the innovative mid-layer design. The three-piece hood keeps you protected from the wind (goodbye, frozen ears!) and the zip-up pockets are perfect for storing your valuables.


Whether you’re beach-wandering or star-gazing, or just curled up on the couch with a book and a coffee, this hoodie will be your new winter BFF.



By Hannah Begg