How To Stop Your Shoes From Squeaking.

The material of shoes can sometimes rub together when we walk, causing a head-turning squeak as though we were striding through a roomful of doggie chew toys.
Well, squeaky shoes are one way to make an entrance. But if you prefer to enter a room in a more sophisticated silence, try these simple methods for stopping the squeak:


• Give the exterior of the shoes a coat of any shoe conditioner (being mindful to choose a conditioner that is suited to the material). Gently rub the product on the shoes, paying attention to any natural creases in the material.


• Lift the inner soles of the shoes and sprinkle baby powder underneath. You can also sprinkle some around the shoelaces or anywhere else you think the material might be rubbing. Let the powder set overnight before cleaning off any excess.


If the squeaking persists and you believe there might be a manufacturing fault with the shoes, take them back to the place of purchase and consult a staff member.



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Written by Hannah Begg


  1. Nina Tucker says:

    I purchased Around Town Backstrap sandals last week and when I put them on today they squeak. I can’t life the inner soles to apply baby powder. Do you have another suggestion. Thanks!

  2. Barbara Cohn says:

    Thanks for the information. I’d been walking around in my Merrells for a month being quite embarrassed by the very loud squeak every time that I walked. This information would be very helpful to place in with the shoes when purchased. I was about to finally take them back thinking that the squeak would eventually go away. Also, this was going to cause me not to purchase your product anymore after being a loyal customer for years. After googling Merrells and squeaking I say that many others have the same problem with your product. I never had this problem with other brands.

  3. Ray Holder says:

    I was in the same mind set as Barbara Cohn, I was about to return the shoes since they have not stopped squeaking since purchase, I have other Merrell shoes that do not squeak, so I thought I got a defective pair. I have put powder on the inside of the shoe and it did nothing for it. So I will try this new method and see if that helps. Thanks and yes it would be good to have a note in the shoe at purchase….:)

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