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The New Moab FST Review

03 October 2022


I’ve been a Merrell loyalist for years. When it came time for me to pack my bags and move from New York to Australia, there was no question that I’d be taking my ridiculously comfortable Merrell hiking boots and running shoes with me.


Sure, I obviously like to hike and run, but I also log a crazy number of miles (er, K’s) just walking around whatever city I happen to be living in. It’s not uncommon for me to walk out my door without a plan and spend the entire day exploring on foot. And believe me, I’ve got plenty of scars on my feet to show for it!

It’s incredibly challenging to find a pair of shoes that can be worn for a great hike, and provide adequate support and comfort for a full day of walking. Given this massive gap in my shoe collection, I jumped at the chance to test out Merrell’s new Moab FST shoes built for outdoor adventurers needing a comfortable shoe to spend a long time on their feet. Could this be the shoe I’ve been waiting for my entire adult life?


Introducing the Moab FST
The Moab is a longstanding fixture in the Merrell line-up. This multisport shoe has always boasted comfort, fit, and versatility, making it ideal for all sorts of terrains and conditions. It’s a great option if you dabble in many different outdoor activities, from hiking to trail running to climbing.


With the new Moab FST, Merrell brought to life a lightweight version of the shoe with mesh for enhanced breathability and Vibram for added traction. I didn’t want to get my hopes up *too* high, but these shoes seemed absolutely perfect for negotiating slippery rocks and contending with the hot weather in Sydney on all the coastal and harbour walks I like to do.


So how do they hold up? I took them for a spin on the famous Bondi to Coogee coastal walk to find out.




Review of the Moab FST
The walk from Bondi to Coogee is a well-worn pathway, so there’s no need to wear hiking shoes with ankle support. On that note, one of the first things I noticed about the Moab FST shoes was how exposed my ankle was. With such a thick cushioned sole, I found the upper part of my heel was outside of the shoe. If you’re not used to wearing shoes like this, it may take some getting used to or you might prefer the mid-cut Moab FST boots. Personally, I *loved* having less coverage – I almost always have some sort of cut or blister form on my heels from most any shoe I wear for more than an hour, but with these Moabs it isn’t even an option. There’s no chance of rubbing or chafing on the heel.

Another observation I had was how well these shoes adjusted to changing walking speeds. I went from casual stroll to brisk walk to brief jog and felt fully supported and comfortable no matter my pace. I wouldn’t recommend using them as running shoes, though, as it might feel like your heel is popping out (again, because of the aforementioned exposed ankle).




The coastal walks around Sydney are naturally prone to wetness, so I was eager to see how the Moab FST shoes would fare when confronted with a little sea water. I’m happy to report that I walked over plenty of slippery rocks without issue. My feet also stayed completely dry when I walked out onto one of the walkways leading straight into the water at Clovelly Beach. I didn’t actually step in the water, but I let the tide wash over the walkway where I was standing and I didn’t get wet. Since these are more every day, multi-purpose shoes, I wouldn’t expect to take them on any hikes involving river crossings. But I was glad to learn that they can handle unexpected run-ins with water.


Final Verdict
I think the Merrell Moab FST shoes may be the most comfortable active footwear I’ve ever owned. To come back from a day full of walking with absolutely no blisters or foot pain was a real treat. These shoes are excellent for long walks with elevated terrain or for a serious hike. I can also see them working well for exploring a city all day on foot, as their black colour matches most any (non-dressy) outfit you could wear. In my outdoor adventurer’s opinion, the Moab are a perfect Merrell hiking shoe.


Written by | Lindsay Buckley
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