What is Gore-Tex®?

03 March 2022
  • As an established Melburnian, I can tell you that I am firmly used to experiencing 4 seasons in one day. We are always ready for rain or extreme heat – I am a fan of all things wind and waterproof when it comes to my outdoor gear. Water resistant clothing and footwear technology has come on leaps and bounds, but sometimes we rely on an original – that being, Gore-Tex.

    But, what is Gore-Tex?

    Created by accident in 1969, scientist Bob Gore was experimenting with Teflon rods and overstretched one in frustration – and Gore-Tex was born. Consisting of a material containing a layered Teflon membrane that prevents water coming in from the outside, but also stops the water vapor escaping when you sweat.

    By 1978, Gore-Tex became a household name, and featured in fabrics for performance wear – especially items like Coats, Jackets and Hiking Boots. Gore-Tex® puts a barrier between you and whatever Mother Nature decides to throw at you, ensuring you stay dry and warm throughout your adventures.

    So how does Gore-Tex® work?

    With water-resistant sealing solutions, Gore-Tex® footwear has been engineered for the active lifestyle. Gore-Tex® shoes are also confidently windproof, so your feet stay comfortable and protected for the duration of your hike.

    Which Merrell Shoes contain Gore-Tex?

    Whether you’re hitting the trails or just hitting the pavements, with unpredictable weather, you need maximum protection from the elements. Here at Merrell, we have a range of Gore-Tex shoes and Boots to suit all styles and needs for every level of adventurer.
    If you’re looking for a sturdier hiker – our Moab 2 MID-Gore-Tex Boot range offers out of the box comfort, breathability and protection.

    For the Trail Running fans, we highly recommend a pair of the Men’s Nova 2 Gore-tex sneakers for the men, & the Antora 2 Gore-Tex for the Women. A light as air silouhette with trail running durability, this Gore-Tex construction feels barely there, keeping your focus on what matters – the trail.

    If you need to tackle the trails a bit faster, look no further than our Low-cut Hiking shoes, especially styles like the Moab Speed Gore-Tex. Adapted from everything you find in a classic Moab, updated for trails that can change in the blink of an eye. Not only does the shoe feature Gore-Tex construction, it’s also made from 30% recycled materials – so it’s doing good for the world too.

    Our Gore-Tex footwear is comfortably breathable too. The innovative fabric allows sweat to efficiently escape in the form of vapour, ensuring that your feet don’t become clammy and uncomfortable during rigorous activity. Experience true all-weather comfort with our full range of Merrell Gore-Tex shoes today.