What Type of Outdoor Mum Are You?

03 October 2022

Mothers, just like adventures, come in all different styles and variations.


Some mothers are seriously sporty, hopping from one gym session to the next; some enjoy a weekend wander in-between outdoor coffee catch-ups; some are hardcore hikers with endless enthusiasm for exploring.


What type of mum are you? Or, what type of mum is yours?



The Yoga Queen

Your mornings often consist of grabbing a chai latté after yoga class or heading to the local park for a meditation session.


Sunshine rejuvenates you; exercise inspires you. You’re keen to try the latest fitness craze, especially if it’s outdoors in the fresh air. Ultimate Frisbee, anyone?


Your feet need something sporty and simple that’ll keep you comfy while you go the distance. Say hello to the AllOut Bold. It’s the lovely stretch-fit slip-on with the action-packed features.


The innovative M-Select™ GRIP outsole delivers traction to confidently keep you on your feet, while the breathable mesh lining with M-Select™ FRESH ensures feet stay cool, calm and collected all day long.


And, of course, an all-day schedule needs all-day comfort. The flexible Uni-Fly™ midsole actively disperses impact and delivers cushioned comfort, meaning they’ll take you from yoga session to coffee catch-up without slowing down.




The Weekend Walker

‘Easygoing’ is your middle name; treadmills bore you – you’d rather be walking the dog outside in the fresh air and bright sunshine than tucked away in a gym.


You don’t drive to get coffee – you WALK. You don’t take escalators – you stride up the stairs! You wouldn’t call yourself a ‘gym junkie’, but you love to stretch your legs and pound the pavement on a clear day whenever you get the opportunity. A stroll around the weekend markets on a sunny day is your favourite way to relax.


Your ideal shoe is the street-smart.


With a padded footbed, an air-cushioned heel and advanced traction that grips when and where you need it, it’s the perfect zip-up to get you from A to Z in complete comfort and cute style.



The Boundless Traveller

You crave spontaneity, not predictability. Travel is a ‘when’, not an ‘if’. You haven’t been everywhere – but it’s on your list.


The world is your oyster – and you’re going to experience as many far-off places as possible! Getaways refresh your spirit. You love to reconnect with nature, and you embrace every opportunity to get outside and explore new settings.


Heading to the airport? Don’t forget to toss your Mimosa Lace into your suitcase – they’re your travel-friendly, durable, lightweight lace-ups that’ll comfortably take you around the globe.


With breathable mesh lining, Q-Form® Comfort midsole and air-cushioned heel, your feet will stay as energetic as your travel itinerary.



The Eco Warrior

You prefer exploring lush rainforest settings than noisy shopping centres. The beauty of nature rejuvenates your spirit. Being kind to the environment is important in your lifestyle choices.


You feel blessed when you’re surrounded by nature and wildlife. You often have fresh flowers in the home, and you enjoy feeding the local birds when they land on your windowsill.


Your shoe choice is carefully selected based on vegan-friendly qualities. The Hurricane Lace offers vegan-friendly construction, Built-To-Get-Wet materials (perfect for wandering throughout damp bushland settings), breathable mesh uppers and an air-cushioned heel for all-day comfort.


It’s the stylish shoe with the thoughtful construction.



The Hardcore Hiker

‘Take a hike’ is your favourite expression.


Hiking through the hills gives you immense pleasure. There’s nothing quite like navigating your way through a tangle of trees to find a gorgeous, hidden waterfall. Fresh air, wide open spaces and towering mountains sum up your idea of an exhilarating getaway.


You believe that the view from the mountain-top is worth every step, no matter how tiring!


Your ideal shoe is the Avian Light Sport GTX.


With a non-slip Vibram® outsole, a waterproof nubuck upper and a QForm® comfort midsole, you’ll be able to comfortably saunter, stride, climb and clamber ‘til your heart’s content.




By Hannah Begg