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When women get out and hit the road or mountain trails, they apply their own brand of strength, agility and natural athleticism to the challenges of the outdoors. The right gear can help you conquer many obstacles, whether you are a casual walker or a serious hiker. This is why Merrell’s women's outdoor shoes and clothing range includes all the right shoes, outdoor gear and apparel for maximum protection and comfort. In addition to footwear like women’s hiking boots and women’s shoes, Merrell has tees, tanks, pants, socks, insoles, and backpacks to enhance your outdoors experience and allow you to really let go and enjoy the great outdoors! You want to protect yourself from rain, wind and rugged terrain, and Merrell has the M Select™ technology to help strong women flourish in the outdoors. Moisture wicking fabric, M Select™ GRIP and GORE-TEX® are just a few of the amazing technologies that are built into Merrell outdoor gear. Women can accomplish great things in nature, and our gear can help. Take the right gear from Merrell and truly enjoy the journey!