Membership is free in Nature’s Gym

Research shows fitness and nature go hand in hand. In Nature’s Gym, you have every tool that you need to develop strength and endurance necessary to conquer all of your outdoor endeavors. Not only is membership free but Nature’s Gym never closes!   To get you started we have asked personal trainers Ben Seymour and Coach […]


3 Things Every Hiker Should Know

There’s a lot to consider before taking a hike. We spoke with We Are Explorers to find three things every hiker should know. Here’s what they had to say;     By all appearances, a hiker may seem similar to a free spirited gypsy; throwing caution to the wind when the mood takes them; discovering romantic locations with […]


The Greatest Multi-day Walks in Australia and New Zealand

Merrell has teamed up with We Are Explorers to bring you some of Australia and New Zealands most beautiful hikes, take a look;       For those of us who dedicate a portion of our lives to establishing ourselves as accomplished pedestrians, there are a few places in Australia and New Zealand particularly, that […]


The Ultimate Ninja Shoe?

If you have been tuning in to Australia’s hottest reality show, Australian Ninja Warrior, you may be wondering as the contestants are whizzing past “What shoes are they wearing?” But, maybe that’s just us…..       Being a little shoe obsessed over here at Merrell, we were excited to conclude that the perfect shoes […]