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7 Adorably Hilarious Running Dogs

03 October 2022

A dog can be a hiker’s best friend…


…but, like their human compadres, they’re not always the most dignified while doing it. That said, there’s nothing like a comedic dog for a laugh when you’re out in the hills. So here’s a celebration of running dogs from Reddit and YouTube that will always raise a smile!



sumindless’ dog shares the face we all have a few miles into a run.


Oh, is that just me, then?



degonnyxx posts this marvelous specimen at full gallop. Majestic.



xcpete910’s dog tucks his ears in, for maximum aerodynamicism. Smart.


jmscrttndn’s dog enjoys the thrill of the chase.


Ch4nc3’s dog was not expecting to be photographed.


WillandEko’s dog likes to take a running jump before a hug.



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