Are You a ‘Free Spirit’?

03 October 2022


The Free Spirit sits on cliff-edges, not couches. She goes with the flow instead of with the crowd. Travel is a ‘when’, not an ‘if’. Road trips last days, not hours. She craves spontaneity rather than predictability. The word ‘procrastination’ doesn’t exist in her vocabulary; she lives for adventure and thrives when life gets busy.


A coffee break usually turns into a coffee wander down along the river; cameras are for capturing breathtaking scenery, not just bathroom selfies. The best meals are eaten on picnic blankets under the stars rather than inside softly-lit restaurants; bicycles are for riding through national parks, not just pedalling inside stuffy gym studios.
‘Roaming’ is an outdoor activity, not just a mobile phone setting. The Free Spirit feels most at ease in the wilderness; big open spaces inspire her, and bland office cubicles make her restless.


She wears Merrell Barrados on her feet. The bold colours match her untameable personality, and the quick-zip, slip-on style means no slowing down. Perfect for cycling downtown or meandering through marketplaces; great for boardwalk strolling and Paris sightseeing. It’s the mainstream shoe for the not-so-mainstream explorer.
The world is your oyster in a pair of Barrados.


By Hannah Begg







Barrado – Black/Fuschia

Barrado – Rose Red

Barrado – Granite









Barrado – Blood Red

Barrado – Dove/Coral

Barrado – Sodalite