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Around Town or Down to the Beach.

03 October 2022

The Around Town Back Strap Review.

When I’m not off exploring and photographing the many beautiful locations Australia has to offer on weekends, I’m living and working full time on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. Being an adventure seeker faced with spending 8 hours a day in an office during the week, I take advantage of every spare moment I have to get outside and enjoy the natural scenery of my hometown.


Having hiked in all kinds of conditions, I know the importance of good quality active footwear; so when I discovered that Merrell have released a range of fashion-forward sandals that are designed specifically for performance and comfort I got a little (eh-hem *a lot*) excited and had to get my hands on/feet in them.


My choice? Behold! The Around Town Backstrap

After receiving these beauties in the post, I decided to give them a whirl on one of my favourite ways to start the day; a quick trek and yoga session atop a barely touched headland reserve located among the suburb of North Avalon, just a few minutes from my doorstep!


With endless views of the ocean and the distant headlands of Collaroy to the South and Copacabana to the North, an abundance of natural wonders including native Australian wildlife, trees and wild-flowers; this hidden trail allows me to conveniently sneak off to, immerse myself in nature and return feeling completely refreshed both physically and spiritually!

The dirt track is relatively narrow, winding and steep walk with lots natural rock steps to the top. After wearing these a few times around town this was the perfect place to put the sandals through their paces and I was pretty interested to see just how well they’d perform!

Now, I have to say that for a pair of sandals, I was especially impressed by how comfortable they were; with each movement, their light-weight design made from super soft Leather Straps and a ‘Bounce-Back’ Cork style sole they really hugged, supported and flexed with my feet comfortably, giving me no restriction or pain whatsoever!
Their traction was another stand out for me as the ‘M-Select’ grip gave me confidence when picking my way through the uneven, rocky and at times, wet and slippery, sections of the track. These shoes are not for hard core hiking but are great for getting off the beaten track.


After taking a more leisurely pace to really appreciate my natural surroundings, I reached the summit completely content and strain-free! With a quick and simple unbuckle-and-slide-off of the sandals (I probably value aspect little too much) I completed my yoga session then made it safely back down the headland in time for a quick coffee before work (I mean, they’re beautiful, it would have been rude for me not to show them off just a smidgen, right?)


From leisurely weekend adventures with my four legged best friend, Bearson, local hikes and beach days to brunch in town with friends, the Around Town sandals can expect a regular wear from me this summer!


Haylee is a photographer and lover of the great outdoors, you can see more of Haylee’s stunning photographs by following her on Instagram or visiting her website.
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