Capra Trail Series: Part 2

03 October 2022

Unleash your inner explorer.

Have you ever been to Lamington National Park on the NSW/QLD border? If not, you should definitely add it to your bucket list. It contains a veritable plethora of spectacular, camera-worthy sights including waterfalls, caves and rainforests.


Need more convincing? How about these fascinating facts: The roots of some of the Park’s magnificent trees are thousands of years old. Yes, thousands. The wildlife is impressive, too – you might catch a glimpse of several rare species of fauna living within the Park’s depths, including the stunning Richmond Birdwing Butterfly or the elusive Coxen’s Fig Parrot.


Feeling inspired yet?


Our second Capra Trail Series adventurer, Andy Tope, is an Australian writer, photographer and adventurer who laced up his new Capra hiking shoes and headed for the Bushranger’s Cave walk in Lamington National Park, one of his favourite trails.


Here, he’s shared his trail tips with us. Use the guide below to inspire your own adventure!




Go on, venture beyond your comfort zone and explore this big, wide world. What are you waiting for?


To check out more of Andy Tope’s adventures, visit his blog here or find him on Instagram here.


Psst… Did you miss Capra Trail Series: Part 1? It contains trail tips for Spring Creek Falls, Port Douglas.



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