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The Legend of The Jungle Moc

03 October 2022

A story of hard work and reward through our very own Jungle Moc.


Since 1981, Merrell has been the footwear that gets you to the mountain and beyond, built with true innovation and exceptional design. Nothing proves that more than the development and story of the ever-popular Jungle Moc.


Brought to you in ’98 from one man who had an idea for a new category that ended up changing the footwear industry…



Meet Clark Matis, the brains behind the Moc. He’s humble, ideas-driven and loves a good cup of coffee.


He stepped back and thought, “You know us for hiking shoes and casuals, but something’s missing. What about the campsite after your hike through the trails, or the lunch break after biking up your local track?”


Something was missing and the gap needed to be filled. He paired the rugged outsole inspired by a mountain bike tyre with the sleek upper of a popular casual model, creating the most popular Merrell shoe to date – the Jungle Moc.


Since ’98, we’ve sold over 12 million Jungle Mocs throughout the world. Experience the Moc for yourself, and see what all the fuss is about.



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Men’s Jungle Moc