How To: Survive Camp With The Kiddos

03 October 2022


Headed to the woods with the kiddos can be a tricky endeavour, but oh so worth it. How many of you remember your first night under the stars beside your family & friends. We took it upon ourselves to poll the Merrell Team parents on their best tips for the campsite.


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Make sure your kids know the difference between cooking oil spray and bug spray.  – Steve – VP of Sales


Remember if you’re going to teach your boy it’s ok to pee on a tree in the woods make sure you teach him that the rule doesn’t not apply when you get back to the house.  – Greg – Product Line Manager


Invest in a good Osprey Child Carrier Pack – throw the kid up there and explore to your hearts content – it even comes with a rain fly and sun cover for the kid. Favourite camp foods – s’mores, Mac n Cheese, & anything that comes out of a camping pie iron. Last tip – look for campsites that have lots of nearby options for entertainment (water, trails, sand/dunes, and fire pits).


If you want something more low key find a campsite that has a playground area nearby so the kids can play while you relax. Grace – Product Marketing Specialist



Bring a packable hammock so you and they can relax.  And it doubles as a swing! Also – Bring a surprise rainy day activity.  I always buy pre-packaged gingerbread houses after Christmas.  It’s a fun and you can eat it for breakfast! – Sophie – International Marketing Manager


Do it in the backyard so the house, fridge and beds are easily accessible. – Tom – Director of Sales


Make sure to stock the ‘adult cooler.’ – Dave – VP of Finance


Pitch a tent in the backyard, for a great family night in the school holidays. It’s not too much hassle and super exciting for the kids. Also give the kids glow in the dark wristbands or necklaces so you can still keep an eye on them as it gets dark. – Jodi – Marketing Manager


Alright – you’ve heard it from the experts! Pack up the car & head to the trails. Share your tips, tricks, & photos with us!