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Into The Winter Wilderness

03 October 2022

Hiking in the mud, slush and rain.


Winter means muddy trails and overflowing creeks. But that doesn’t mean less adventuring, does it? Of course not!


The greatest adventures are the ones that occur outside our comfort zones, so hiking in damp, drizzly weather might end up being the most fun you’ve ever had (and perhaps you’ll return with some hilarious mud-drenched stories to tell).


Not-so-wonderful weather means there will be less people on the trails, so you can enjoy a peaceful hike at your own pace. You won’t have to compete with gaggles of tourists for the best vantage points at your favourite lookouts.


It also means you might see rare animals that would normally hide upon the arrival of hordes of hikers.


Embracing a ‘wet n wild’ adventure can increase your own sense of strength and resilience, too, as you deal with unexpected situations along the trail (an overflowing river, perhaps?).


These situations push us to perform at our best and dip our minds into our problem-solving pool of knowledge. (Note: we’re not suggesting you go wading through dangerous flood-zones. Don’t be daft.)


Arriving home with a daring tale of rainy exploration is a tremendously triumphant feeling. (And stepping into a warm shower afterwards is the epitome of luxury.)


With the right gear, a wet-weather adventure can be the best one ever.


These waterproof hiking shoes are rugged and resilient (just like our adventurous frame of mind!):


Women’s Azura Carex Mid Waterproof

Don’t be fooled by the new Azura Carex’s lightweight feel and sleek look; it packs a powerful performance-driven punch!


The M-Select™ DRY design keeps feet warm and comfortable, regardless of how damp and dirty you get. The air-cushioned heel and RememberMe™ memory foam footbed provide supreme support and added stability, allowing you to walk, stride, leap and lunge in complete comfort.


The cleverly-designed bellows tongue keeps debris out (perfect for rocky, dusty terrains) while the M-Select™ FRESH lining helps to reduce odour (ideal for day-long, strenuous adventures!).


And, of course, it wouldn’t be a hiking shoe without superior non-slip grip. The Azura Carex features M-Select™ GRIP on the sole so you’ll stay upright no matter how slippery the trail gets.


Men’s Chameleon Shift GTX

For the man who likes a rough and rugged shoe, this one looks as good on the trail as it does at the pub afterwards. The Gore-Tex® waterproof membrane repels water, ensuring feet stay dry and comfortable, and incorporates a breathable design so feet don’t overheat during exertion.


A Stratafuse™ exoskeleton fuses the heel cage to a breathable mesh upper, providing extreme lightweight durability, and the innovative bellows tongue keeps dirt and debris out.


The Merrell In-Board™ Compression molded EVA footframe with air-cushioned heel delivers superior comfort and support, allowing you to trek for miles without losing steam.


And, best of all, Vibram™ on the outsole provides ultimate, top-quality traction – perfect for taking your travels off-trail!



By Hannah Begg