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Membership is free in Nature’s Gym

03 October 2022

Research shows fitness and nature go hand in hand. In Nature’s Gym, you have every tool that you need to develop strength and endurance necessary to conquer all of your outdoor endeavors. Not only is membership free but Nature’s Gym never closes!

To get you started we have asked personal trainers Ben Seymour and Coach Camilla Bazley to show us a few simple outdoor exercises you can add into your outside workout.

1. Tricep Dips

Tricep dips work the back of your arms. You will work your shoulders to maintain stability but the focus is on your triceps. Watch the video;

2. Elevated Reverse Lunge

Work your hamstrings and glutes with the Elevated Reverse Lunge. Watch the video;

3. Inverted Row

Tone your back muscles and biceps with the Inverted Row the natural way. Watch the video;

4. Burpee Broad Jump

Burprees are a great full body workout. Go for as many rounds as you can for an intense cardiovasuclar work out in Nature’s Gym. Watch the video;

5. Jump Squats

Who needs a gym to fire up the quads and lungs? Watch the video;

6. Shoulder Taps

Exercising outside is a great way to break up your gym routine, take advantage of Nature’s Gym and give the Shoulder taps a try. Watch the video;

Getting your workout in can be as simple as walking out the front door. Don’t let the excuses stop you!

The reward is well worth a little sweat.

Special thanks to our trainers Ben and Camilla. You can follow them for more training and motivation via Instagram;

Ben Seymour – Trainer and Athlete

Instagram: @seemorebenny

Camilla Bazley  – Personal Trainer

Instagram: @coach_camilla


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