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I train to feel free just me & nature | Merrell Australia

03 October 2022

Ragna is a Merrell Test Lab athlete hailing from the Netherlands, who defied all odds and achieved the highest stage that a trail runner can achieve. Having dreamt of becoming an Olympic horse rider her whole life, in 2018 she became World Champion in the overall category of Skyrunning and Trail Running.

Now, along with her husband Pere, her fiver-year-old daughter Onna and their dog Bru, she has embarked on the Rolling Mountains challenge, an inspiring journey across 7 continents to compete in trail competitions at the highest level.=

She made her passion for nature a way of living.

Watch her story

It is her and athletes like her that make up the Merrell Test Lab, our proving grounds for our most technical innovations like the MTL Long Sky.

For so many, trail running is a way of life; provides solace, community, and a sense of personal strength. It encapsulates so many things, and yet it is so simple.

Enter, MTL Long Sky.

The result of numerous rounds of product testing on the feet of champions, the MTL Long Sky is a go-far racer that is enabling our best trail running athletes to run incredible distances over such varied terrain worldwide. With responsive foam, aggressive grip, and a reinforced upper, these offer the support and connection athlete’s like Ragna need to continue to push their limits and achieve incredible heights.

Follow Ragna's journey:@ragnadebatsv