03 October 2022

Often the first time a person steps into a Merrell store is just before heading off on a big trip. Tickets are booked and they are counting down the days before they head off to Nepal, Africa, Mozambique or some other similarly exotic location.

They head into the store, are so excited about their pending adventure, they try on their very first pair of Merrell shoes and hey presto, they are sold. 
The shoes are purchased, carefully put back into the box and taken home like a precious jewel, stored away till the day of the big trip. 
Finally the Big Day arrives and like Cinderella the shoes are slipped on with glee, ready to set off on an adventure of a life time. 
Now in most cases, adventures are had, exploration occurs and children are entertained for years to come with stories of far-away lands….
But sometimes…
Not everything goes to plan. The shoes actually don’t seem to fit as well as they should or it appears that after the 10,000th step on the Great-Wall-of-China, there is a terrible rubbing where is should not be. 
Why does this happen? Well sometimes the socks are wrong, sometimes the fit is not right and sometimes ,very rarely, the shoes are faulty (this of course is a very rare occurrence indeed, but nothing is 100% infallible, not even Merrell).  
So now here comes the footwear advice:  Before you head off on your big adventure, take home your shoes, put them on, wear them, really wear them (not just up and down the back steps) give them a taste of your pending adventure.  You will soon know if something is amiss and it is here, my friend, where we can help you fix the problem before it begins. Because sometimes finding a solution (or a pair of good wicking socks) in the middle of the Sahara desert can be quite the challenge.