Rain Today, Rain Tomorrow

03 October 2022

Wet weather doesn’t stop us from exploring!


A little bit of rain just adds to the adventure, right?
Spare a thought for these towns, though. They’re some of the wettest in the country…



With an average rainfall of more than four metres, this town is definitely one of the wettest you’ll find. Situated on a coastal plain between Mount Mackay and Mount Tyson, the adjacent mountain ranges attract clouds from across the Coral Sea. Consequently, Tully receives a lot more rain than its neighbours.


On average, it rains 150 days out of every year. Umbrella, anyone?



One of the rainiest and most humid places in Australia, Mullumbimby experiences incredibly high rainfall. On average, it receives over two metres of rainfall each year.


(If you happen to be a celebrity aficionado, you’ll enjoy this tidbit of information: Iggy Azalea grew up in Mullumbimby.)



At the foot of Mount Black in Tasmania, Rosebery is a zinc-mining town that has produced an estimated $8 billion since mining began over a century ago.


It also happens to be one of the rainiest, most humid and overcast places in Australia, with an average rainfall of more than two metres.



With a population of only about 370 people, Pirlangimpi is one of Australia’s smaller towns – but incredibly rainy! It’s situated in the northwest of the Northern Territory, about 130km from Darwin, and receives an annual rainfall of about two metres.



With an average annual rainfall of 1.2 metres and located near Mandurah, Furnissdale is one of the wettest places in WA. Once, on a cold June day, Furnissdale received 114mm of rain in just one day. Well, it’d be a lovely day for ducks!



By Hannah Begg


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