Show the Trail Who’s Boss

03 October 2022

Fresh air and clear blue skies — that’s what we love. Tall trees and deep valleys; rugged mountains and winding trails.


We’re at our brightest in the wild; free and refreshed, energised and agile.


Especially when we find a shoe that cushions our sole, and keeps us close to nature.


Welcome to Merrell’s newest trail shoe — the Agility Peak.



Specifically created for the great outdoors, it features a revolutionary design that mimics the human foot, providing unprecedented support and flexibility to take you further.


Sounds pretty amazing, right?


The anatomically-inspired design moves with your foot’s ligaments and tendons, promoting the natural motion of the foot for superior agility.


In other words, it’s a whole new dimension of comfort.



  • Secure Fit


The Agility Peak’s Hyperlock™ heel maximises stability during quick descents and sharp turns, helping you stay firmly on your feet no matter what the trail throws at you, while the Omni-Fit™ Lacing System delivers a glove-like fit for added security.



  • Natural Flex


Dual-directional FlexConnect™ technology provides extreme upward and downward flexibility, allowing your foot to move the way it needs to. That means you can experience the trail your way.


Shock-absorbing TrailProtect™ pads in the heel and forefoot also help to reduce underfoot impact from rocky terrain, delivering unprecedented comfort for long adventures.


  • Serious Grip


What would a trail shoe be without serious grip? (It’d be a poor imitation of a trail shoe, that’s what.) The Agility Peak features seriously tough traction for both wet and dry trails.


The non-slip, durable rubber outsole has skeleton-like lugs and clever flex grooves that help you embrace uneven terrain and unexpected obstacles.


Seriously — the ground won’t know what’s hit it.



































In a nutshell, this shoe isn’t just a trail shoe. It’s an entirely new level of support for the wide-eyed wanderer.


So, go on — hit the trail, fill your lungs, and brighten your mind. And experience it your way, with a shoe that lets your foot move the way it wants to.


Click here for more details about the Agility Peak.