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What is QForm® Comfort?

03 October 2022

Merrell tech explained.


Women’s feet are biomechanically different from men’s feet, and surprisingly the many differences are often ignored, resulting in ill-fitting, uncomfortable shoes for women.


So, besides being shorter and narrower, how do women’s feet differ from men’s? Well, they tend to have a lower instep height, and often have a slimmer heel.


Plus, both men and women have an area just below the hip called the Q-Angle (between the quadriceps and patellar tendon) which leans on a slightly greater angle for women than men and increases the pressure on a woman’s hips, knees and back. This added pressure can result in pain and discomfort when walking.


This is why Merrell teamed up with Sport Biomechanics, Inc., a leading sports medicine organisation, to design a midsole that would deliver stride-specific cushioning for female feet. We aptly named the new technology QForm® Comfort, to acknowledge the significance of the female Q-Angle and the impact that it can have on comfort levels.


I can hear you asking: How exactly does the QForm® Comfort technology work?


Here’s a breakdown:


1. As you walk, Merrell Air Cushion® in the heel absorbs shock and centres the heel on contact for added stability.


2. A firm, supportive area in the midsole keeps foot centred.


3. A second supportive area in the midsole keeps foot centred as you lift it.


4. The soft region provides cushioning as you push off and take the next step.


5. Cushioning in the toe area equally distributes your weight and pressure as you walk.


Discover Merrell’s QForm® comfort technology and enjoy a greater, more personalised comfort. Many of our shoes feature the unique technology; explore the range below!


By Hannah Begg