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Adventure The Yukon – The Top 10 Things To Do

03 October 2022


It’s no secret that Canada is a gorgeous country full of natural wonders, but we think we’ve found one of the country’s best kept secrets.


Located in northwest Canada, the Yukon – a place where the landscapes are still largely untouched and where animals far outnumber people – has a grandeur and beauty that is rare to find.


Whether you’re looking for an active outdoor adventure or a relaxed leisurely vacation, Yukon has it all.


However, we have to warn you. Once you’ve seen the Yukon – you’ll never want to leave.






Yukon is jammed packed with things to do. Whether your passion is being active outdoors, taking in cultural events or enjoying a comfortable drive through extraordinary scenery, Yukon has it all.


To help you choose, we’ve handpicked a few of our favourite activities:


Wander the dusty streets of Dawson city and soak in the authentic atmosphere of the heady Klondike Gold Rush days, when 100,000 hopeful prospectors came to strike it rich in 1898.


Watch the multi-coloured aurora borealis shimmer across the skies, and stay warm by the wood-fired barrel stove in a prospector-style tent used by gold seekers and trappers.


Enjoy the small town charm of Whitehorse, Yukon’s capital, and meet its larger-than-life characters who make northern Canada their home.


Spend the day hiking on one of Yukon’s iconic trails such as the Chilkoot or Cottonwood – keep the camera ready to capture thinhorn sheep, mountain goats, elks, moose and caribou along the way.


Take an iconic drive on the Alaska Highway, or “Drive the Dempster” to cross the Arctic Circle by road.


Go on a flightseeing excursion for a bird’s-eye view of this northern wonderland with its mountains, tundra, lakes, rivers and astonishing wildlife.


Strap on the snowshoes and take a stroll across a frozen lake. Learn to fish through a hole – you’ll be catching Lake Trout or Grayling in no time.


Paddle the Yukon River (Canada’s second-longest) under a summer sun that never sets. The wild beauty of the surrounding national parks and endless wilderness are guaranteed to take your breath away.


Celebrate summer festivals like a local! The Yukon International Storytelling Festival, Yukon River Quest, Dawson City Music Festival, and the First Nations’ Adaka Festival all celebrate Yukon’s diverse heritage and the summer solstice season.


Harness your own team of dogs, hitch them to a sled and glide amidst the quiet. You’re off!


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