7 Reasons To Love The Beach

03 October 2022


Summer equals hot sand, bright sun and really big waves. Here’s seven reasons why we love the beach:


1. Beaches are the definition of untouched beauty, and they offer endless amounts of relaxation. If you find a tranquil spot (you might need to travel to a relatively deserted beach far away from shopping centres!), the level of relaxation you can experience is rejuvenating and truly refreshing, which can have positive effects on your overall sense of health and wellbeing.


2. Vitamin D is good for our health – in small doses, of course! A little bit of sunshine can help with many things including bone health and the normal function of the immune system.


3. Switching off your electronics for a day at the beach can reignite your creative side. Remember all those thoughts and dreams you used to have before you bought a smartphone? Take a notepad and a pen, or a couple of books, and just enjoy the break from technology.


4. The beautiful thing about the beach is its ability to cater for all ages. This is why it makes the perfect family-gathering destination – kids can play in the sand while teenagers dive under the waves; parents can gather around the beach barbecues while grandparents enjoy relaxing under the umbrellas. There’s no age limit, and there’s plenty of wide, open space!


5. You can be as lazy or as active as you like. Spend five hours propped in a deckchair with a book and an icy-cold drink if you like; or, if you’d prefer, grab some hiking shoes and a bottle of water and hike around the headland. The views from the clifftops are always spectacular (if you know where to go!).


6. Saltwater can be beneficial for the skin; it can act as a cleansing agent for acne and some types of skin ailments, as well as helping to heal minor scrapes and cuts.


7. There are so many beachside activities to choose from: stand-up paddle-boarding, surf-boarding, snorkelling, kayaking/canoeing, volleyball, cricket, frisbee, or just swimming and sandcastle-building. A day on the beach is a day well spent!


By Hannah Begg