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03 October 2022

2021 marks our 40th Birthday at Merrell and we’re celebrating our first 40years by embracing the next. Impacting change in the #Future40 means acting today. We are encouraging the next generation of outdoor enthusiasts to experience the simple power of being outside by working to make the outdoors a more welcoming, inclusive, and sustainable place for everyone.

Representing Merrell is our very own ambassador @Helloemilie look at what being an outdoor enthusiast means to her.

Where is your favorite place to hit the trail and why?

Australia is full of endless diversity, from the desert outback to the untouched beaches and tropical rainforests, the snowy mountain ranges, and all the wide-open spaces in-between. There is an endless list of destinations I have yet to experience and each time I explore somewhere new it feels like my wish list keeps growing.

Tasmania is somewhere I keep wandering back to and has to be one of my favorite places to capture and explore the trails – There is such a wild feeling which surrounds the Tasmanian landscape, somewhere you can escape being in complete wilderness, a place like no other in Australia.

Where are you currently living/exploring?

Home will always be Australia, somewhere between the mountains and the ocean. I am currently based in Northern NSW and grew up throughout several different regions along the east coast of Australia, but in some ways have always been surrounded by nature – This is where my love and connection to the natural world first began.

#MerrellAustralia ambassador Emilie Ristevski, is an Australian photographer and the creative mind behind @helloemilie. Wandering far and wide with a camera in her hand - Emilie’s work aims to encourage her audience to seek a deeper connection with nature and themselves, in the hope to discover a newfound love for the beautiful planet we call home.

At Merrell, we believe the outdoors is for everyone. We want to enable anyone on the planet to pick up Merrell gear and feel adventurous, empowered, confident, and like they belong.  Our ambassador Emilie encompasses this mindset and together we celebrate our first 40 years, by looking forward to the next. #MerrellFuture40