Pack Like A Pro For Your Next Trip

03 October 2022

We’ve all experienced that last-minute panic before a trip – what on earth am I going to pack? Or more commonly, what am I going to leave out?!

With strict weight allowances and airlines offering carry-on only discounts – being a saavy packer could save you time and money.


Streamline your packing endeavors with the following tips and tricks – whether you’re packing for a weekend city break, a hiking trip or a two-week beach holiday!

Photo credit: Elly Howlett

Start with luggage

Investing in quality, functional and stylish luggage is the first place to start. The latest suitcase and backpack materials are much lighter and more durable than ever before, and in most cases (pun intended!) far easier to wheel or to carry.


Be sure to take a cross-body bag or small day pack

Once you’ve ditched your larger case or backpack and you’re out exploring, a cross-body day bag or day pack is a must. Big enough to fit everything you’ll need each day (remember the sunscreen), but small enough that it doesn’t weigh you down. Make sure it doesn’t restrict you when you’re out sightseeing and distributes weight evenly across your body, so you’re not left with a sore shoulder or back. (Merrell’s Crest 8L Sling Bag is a great option.)

Pack versatile footwear

Shoes can quickly eat into your luggage space and weight allowance – so packing shoes with multiple uses is key.

The Cloud provides comfortability and support for long days exploring, and are stylish, taking you from breakfast, to shopping, to sightseeing. The Zoe is machine washable which is perfect if you are doing lots of walking and want to freshen up your shoes. (And they’re super lightweight so won’t eat into your sacred luggage allowance!) Merrell’s high-performance sneaker, the MOAB Flight is also a great option – comfortable, versatile and durable.


A tip, don’t pack shoes you haven’t worn in!

Speaking of versatility, pack a Turkish towel

Use as a blanket to keep you warm on the plane, a picnic rug if you fancy a break or as a towel when you discover a little bay and want a quick dip – the list is endless. A good thing to throw in your day pack.

Dress for the weather

This seems like an obvious one, but there’s nothing worse than being unprepared for the climate. Merrell’s range of apparel is designed to be lightweight yet warm, versatile and stylish – perfect for cold mornings or sitting by the campfire. Try Merrell’s Apparel, including Jumpers and Jackets to keep you warm without weighing you down.

If you’re heading to warmer parts of the world, light, natural fabrics are best – breezy cottons and linen are best to keep you cool.

Roll, don’t fold

When travelling, the last thing anyone wants to do is waste time ironing! Rolling your clothes instead of folding them will not only take up less room, but they’ll end up less creased. If something from your case does need a little freshen up and you’re staying in a hotel or apartment, either hang the item in a steamy bathroom or dampen it and smooth it out and dry with a hairdryer. Voilà!


Toiletries sorted

In the interest of space and weight, leave all heavy glass bottles at home. Either buy travel-sized products (today many of your favourite brands will sell their products in travel sizes) or purchase some plastic travel bottles and decant your lotions and potions. Buy a sample size tube of toothpaste, and put everything into a clear, resealable plastic pouch (you’ll be thankful when going through international security checkpoints). The thing to remember with toiletries is only take what you absolutely need.


Equipment and technology


A tablet or kindle is an obvious one if you’re likely to watch movies or read whilst in transit (or if you enjoy a night in!). If you’re into your gadgets, a universal charger is a good investment. And be sure to pack travel adapter if you’re heading oversees.

A small torch or a head-torch will be invaluable on any trips that involve camping, night-walks or if you’re inclined to read at night and don’t want to disturb your travel partner. Ear plugs are also a good idea – you never know who will be in the room or tent next to you!