Tips for setting goals in the New Year

03 October 2022


As the sun sets on another year, many of us take the opportunity to reflect on the past 12 months and begin thinking about what we hope to achieve for the year ahead.


There is plenty of evidence to suggest that setting and working towards goals helps us to be more focused, and also feel more fulfilled in our lives.


So whether you’re looking to find more time for family and friends, getting outdoors, or putting milestones in place to get your side-project off the ground – here are our tips for setting goals in 2018!


Be realistic

It can be easy to get carried away with goals in January when you’re feeling your most inspired (and optimistic) for the year – however be realistic with what you can achieve over the next 12 months. Set yourself up for success!


Set well-rounded goals

To ensure you don’t get fixated on just one area of your life, try setting goals across a variety of areas. A good place to start is thinking is employment and education, health and fitness, family and friends, finances, personal growth, switching off from your online world and getting outdoors!


Discover your own backyard

This is the only mandatory goal we advise you to set! We’re so lucky to live in a country blessed with such natural beauty – so why not make 2018 the year you get out an explore! Whether it’s adding a weekend hike each month or just walking home through your local park – get outside and enjoy what’s around you!


Put timeframes around your goals

A good tip for ensuring you stick to your goals is to put timings on what you hope to achieve. This can also help in breaking down your goals into smaller, more achievable milestones. Whilst it’s important to have long-term, bigger picture goals (buying a house, running a marathon etc.) – it can be daunting to have these sitting on your list. So break them down into smaller goals, with realistic timeframes – you’ll find it’s easier to achieve your goals step-by-step.


Set goals at all levels

Not every goal needs to be huge – sometimes it’s just a case of converting an occasional-thing (such as having designated ‘offline’ time) into a regular part of your schedule.  We advise you to have a mixture of the following goals:

Easy: the “I just need to form the habit” goal

Challenging: the “I need to put in more effort” goal

Outrageous: the “I will be thrilled beyond belief” goal


Photo credit: Sam Abell


Reward yourself

Set the goal, achieve the goal, reward yourself! Obviously achieving the goal is the most important step – however we believe it’s always important to celebrate hard work and success. So goals should be no different! Taken on the role as your daughter’s netball coach? Started shopping locally for your groceries and gifts? Finished the Great Ocean Walk? Reward yourself with something special to mark the occasion and remind yourself of your achievements.


Allow yourself to dream big

That’s what goals are. They’re dreams! They are what you hope to achieve – whether big or small. So think big. Do you want to start your own business? Do you want to travel overseas? Do you want to study something new? Well, put it on the list and start working towards it!


Photo credit: We Are Explorers


Create a wish list

In addition to setting goals for the year, why not start a wish list for the places you want to visit and the things you want to do. Add to this throughout the year – and hopefully you can tick a few off too!


Have fun!

Our last piece of advice is to make sure you have fun with it. Whilst some goals may be a little more meaningful and longer-term – the whole thing should be a positive process; one that encourages you to push yourself to achieve and experience new things in the year ahead. So please, enjoy it!


Happy New Year!